Snow Day

In life, I alot of times miss the present moments. I miss the present joys, the present blessings, the present conversations because I’m either too focused on what happened in the past, or what is yet to happen in the future. I’m so preocupied on the hurts, the pain, the loss, the frustrations, that I miss out on the joy of the moments. The real and raw joy and peace of just sitting there and smelling the roses so to speak. There are always good blessings in life even when we are in seasons of hurt and disappointment. But I struggle to see them. I struggle to see them because I want to be past this season of life where the struggles knock at my door daily, and where the thoughts haunt my dreams. But even here, there is good, because God is here. I just have to stop and slow down for two seconds to know and be known. To look around on a snowy day and hear nothing but silence and the peace that that brings. To be in a job that can be frustrating at times, but realizing the purpose of this job, and the stability that it brings me. To be thankful that I have time to read and watch tv and sleep and rest. To be thankful that I have a church, a family of believers that love me. To be thankful that I have a family that loves me, and continues to love me. To be thankful that I have people that invest in me, and to be thankful that even in my emptiness that God still allows me to encourage others. To be thankful for the friendships, and the season of singleness. To be thankful for my brother and the apartment that we share together and the friendship that we have formed. To be thankful for the financial situation I’m in, and the ability in a few weeks to be able to go and see my best friend in Hawaii on paid vacation. It’s the little things that get us through the difficult, dry seasons, where faith is difficult, and hope is scarce, but I’m thankful for the little things. I’m thankful that Jesus hasn’t given up on me. I’m thankful for His continual reminder to me of His love and His plan. So for me, the goal is simple: Be thankful, and enjoy the moments, even in the midst of this season. There is so much to be thankful for, and my prayer is that I would enjoy the blessings of the Lord, and not be discontent with what He has given me here in this season and in this moment.

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