I see you

Dear child of Mine, 

I see you. I see you at all times and in all places. I see you in your hurts, habits, and hangups. I see you in your wrestlings. In your confusions, and in your stuckness. I see you in the morning time too exhausted to get up. I see you lost for words. I see you in your distractions, your frustrations, your anger. I see you. Even though you may struggle to see me, to see me present, active, living, in control, and all powerful, that does not negate the reality that I AM. You, child of mine, are only able to see what is in front of you. On the contrast, my sight is infinite. I see up ahead and around the corner. I see deep into the valley as well as high as the mountain peaks. I see you, and I have a good plan for you, whether you believe me or not. You cannot even fathom what I will do, but I can, so trust me. Trust me in the exhaustion. Trust me in the hurts, loneliness, frustration. Trust me when you think you’ve got it under control. Trust me. I’ve got you. I see you. In my grace, because I know you are often forgetful, I will remind you over and over again of who I AM. Not only that, but I will remind you of who you are, and who I’ve created you to be. It may come through a timely text or phone call from a brother or sister of yours, from My Word, but just know, that when you need it most, I will provide. And it will be right on time within the right means, so that you may receive it with grace. It will be just that little tap on the shoulder that you need. I see you child. I’ve got this. You are not alone. You are loved, infinitely greater than you could ever imagine. 

Picture taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/172192385726571157/


Father God