Be Where You Are

Friend, the greatest advice I can give to you, is to be where you are. To be fully where you are. Right here. Right now. Maybe you don’t want to be right here and right now where you are at, but it’s no mistake that you are here. You are here because God has you here. Whether it be in the valleys, or the mountain tops, or even the in between nooks in the mountain slope, this place where you are has purpose. It has purpose because God is very intentional in all of his planning for His children. It’s purposeful for God wastes nothing in our lives. The place where you are at, you maybe thought you’d never be here. You may have thought that by this time in your life that you’d be farther down the road, kicked that bad habit, conquered that demon, gotten that promotion. It doesn’t mean your a failure because you haven’t yet, it just means it’s not God’s time yet. There is more for you to learn here, where you are. There is more to learn about yourself and Him where you are. There are people where you are. People that need Jesus. People that you may have no clue how to even relate to, but God brought you here, to be an encouragement, to show compassion, to spread the gospel to those who are living in the darkness. You may want to minister to another group of people, but God has you here. He has you here for a time such as this. He has equipped you to be here. Wherever it is that you are. He has provided what you need here. So be here. Where you are. He has placed people to encourage you where you are. Maybe there are only one or two of them, but they are still there. Encouraging. Cheering on. Helping you to be where you are at with God. The most important thing is that God is here with you, where you are. He has not left you alone to your struggles, to your disappointments, to your frustrations. He sees them, and He knows them, but He has you here for your good. So be here. Be content here. Wherever you are, have joy. Be patient. Look for opportunities. You may not like everything about where you are, but you can still be thankful that God has you where you are. So be. Be where you are. For where you are is where you are supposed to be. Let God move in and through you, where you are. Meet with God where you are. In the doubts. The confusions. The chaos. Talk with him. Talk with others. And don’t whine. As a wise man once said to me, “Great things never come easy.”

Shout-out to my Gamecocks and Shi Smith! Took this picture at the Carolina Spring Game.


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