Child-Like Faith

The word that keeps coming to me tonight is “childlike faith.” Not childish faith, but childlike. A faith that is sincere like a child is sincere. A faith that hopes like a child hopes with fervency. A faith that grows and seeks and is curious like a child is curious and seeking. A faith that loves as a child loves with no limitations or no boundaries. A faith that has no limits like a child’s hopes and dreams have no limits. A faith that is unashamed and bold like a child within the confines of a healthy household is unashamed and bold in who they are.

I think too many times we come to the Word of God, to church, to life as experienced believers. We know all the right answers, but our hearts are bitter and empty and frustrated. We come to the Word full of years of reading the Word wondering what we could possibly get out of a passage we’ve read 10 times or more. We come to church and we become disinterested, complacent. We go through the routine of life, the monotonous tone droning along. But what if we recaptured the essence of childlike faith?

I believe that the greatest men and women of the Bible were those that even though they had years of experience and years of practice, were in constant awe of the ever revealing presence of God in their lives. They were constantly growing in their awareness of God’s grace and their understanding grew more and more and more even as they were old men and women in Christ. I think this is because they had childlike faith. Faith that sincerely hoped in the Gospel. Faith that sincerely believed in the power of restoration of their souls and the souls of those around them. Faith that sincerely believed that God was with them and would empower them to go to limits that they had never gone before. Faith that sincerely knew that God loved them even in spite of their greatest mess-ups and failures. Faith that was secure and confident in a God that never changing.

What if we had this kind of faith? A faith that grew and moved and was active and curious and believed and hoped and trusted, just like children do before they are embittered by the hardships and hurts of this world? What if we could retain the essence of the soul of a child even in our growing knowledge of God and years of understanding? What if we approached God, as a child would a loving father, asking, believing, hoping that our prayers would be answered, and our barriers would be broken? What if we came to God’s Word with curiosity and knew the power that was there and that we believed that the power in the Words could change us and would change us and empower us to love and live and breathe and move?

If we did, we would live our lives with excitement. Approaching every task as an opportunity to grow in the knowledge of Christ. We would approach even the most meaningless things with curiosity and adventure. We would sincerely love others because we knew that a loving Father had first loved us. We would sincerely believe and hope against all odds that our families and friends would come to know Jesus and be changed by the gospel. That our churches would wake up and grow and move and be active in sharing the gospel with a dying world. That our prayers would be answered and that God was listening. Every conversation would have purpose and meaning. Every activity, every person would have worth and we would love fully.

What if we took the truth that we knew and we paired it with a spirit of childlike faith? That would be a powerful combination.

God make my spirit like that of a child and less of a bitter, frustrated, been there and done that kind of man.

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