Hope is: A Study of Romans 8:18-25: Intro

Hope. It is one of many words that has lost its meaning and significance in our culture. We “hope” to get the job we want. We “hope” that we have a good day. But do we really believe in hope? In the midst of the despair and anguish of this world, do we “hope” things will get better, or do we truly believe that things will? In this blog series, we will look at Romans 8:18-25, and discuss what true hope is, and who it emanates from.

“The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.” – Matthew 4:16

Jesus enters the scene and the whole dynamic changes. Those who had been “dwelling in darkness” had seen a great light. Also, those who had been “dwelling in the region and shadow of death” a light had dawned on them.

Jesus. Incarnate God. Now here on earth. Dwelling amongst his people. The prophecies had come true and He was here. The darkness that had ruled on the earth now came face to face with Jesus. And Jesus, in all His glory and power, broke through the darkness. He declared a new Kingdom, a new mindset, a new mission and purpose. But most importantly, He declared a new hope. A hope that declared war on the darkness, and won.

It seems like ages since that hope was first realized. Hope is the farthest thing from characterizing our world today. People end their life daily, people are abused and mistreated, evil people thrive, good people suffer, and tragedies and violence are everywhere. Where is the hope in all this?

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Yeah, we get that. But how does hope affect us now? How do we hold out hope for Christ to come back and redeem this world? Where is the light that once had dawned? These are the questions we are asking.

Believe it or not, hope is just as present today as it was when Jesus first came on the scene. We just need a good reminder of it, and how we can truly experience it today.

The next blog series we will look at Romans 8:18-25. We will discuss what hope is, how it affects us today, and what truly we have to look forward to as Christians.


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