Prayer of Investment


You have asked me to invest in the lives of others, and I take great joy in that. I love sharing the hope you have produced in me. But this is different. I feel as though all I have been doing is investing, and I am burnt out. I know you have called me to intentionally invest in many people’s lives, serving them, loving them. I have lost energy though. I am dragging and feeling myself draw into time alone when the day is over. I am exhausted and burnt out, and I crash and sleep, and then wake up and do it all over again. Investing is an important task, but I’m am just a feeble, limited man. How can I invest fully in the two places you have asked me to invest? Am I fooling myself that investing in two large groups of people is even possible? I know more time will have to be given to this subject, but in the meantime, Father I desperately need your strength to endure. I need You to be manifested through my actions so that the lives I am investing in may be changed. May I be obedient to invest in both places. May I serve and love well. Equip me and lead me. 


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