Prayer of Submission


My desire is to seek and know you every day. Some days I follow through, many others I don’t. But this a desire of mine and one that I have surely entered into from time to time. In those times, such clarity encompasses my life. Such peace invades the worries and the doubts. I hear clearly from You, Your Word, Your people. And it is the one place I am fully fulfilled and redeemed. Out of this place, You give me words to say, prayers to pray, godly visions to take hold of. This is the place I desire to stay in…..but I get distracted. I get distracted when in doubt and fear, I concoct my own plans and my own desires. I get distracted by the loneliness I feel and the pain I suffer. I turn from thanksgiving to complaining. I turn from peace to worry. And it’s all because I have another desire, to hold on to the past. The faintly pleasures and desires of the past. I know they are not worth it, but I continue to tread back to their doorstep. I continue to let their thoughts run rampant in my thoughts. This is not my desire though. My desire is to be pure in heart, mind, and action. My desire is that you would use me to encourage and uplift those that are hurting and broken. Please Father. Cultivate within me a pure heart. Cultivate within me a consistently pure focus on You. For as the writers of the wisdom books said, “into a malicious soul wisdom will not enter; nor dwell in the body that is subject to sin.” Father, you have placed the righteousness of Christ on me, covering my sins. Now I pray, continue to sanctify this sinner of Yours. May my heart only beat for Your desires and Your Kingdom. And because of this work of Yours, may I be free to serve and teach others well which You have willed and taught me.


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