Weaving His Mosaic

A lot of times, we believe that we are in control of our own lives and our own plans. We make our own schedules, we do our own activities. It seems like we are pretty self sufficient. It usually takes something drastic for us to realize that we aren’t in control. This is what God has been teaching me since this January.

I left for a church planting internship in January in Asheville, Nc. I was ripe with excitement. A month and a half in though, my life had been turned upside down. The internship was lagging, not being at all that I hoped and dreamed it would be. I had had two jobs and they were both disasters.

Where was God in all this? My parents had told me that God was not a God of confusion. If so, why had He brought me to Asheville to experience one of the greatest trials of my young Christian life? I was confused and there didn’t seem to be much relief to these thoughts.

As I left Asheville, I felt shaken and my soul stirred. “Asheville was a mistake.” I heard the sentiment over and over.

In Isaiah 55:9, God says that His ways and His thoughts are higher than our ways and our thoughts.

As I have begun to digest Asheville, God has really impressed the picture of a mosaic upon me. The artist is really the only one who knows how the patterns and threads will come together to form an incredible piece.

So it is with God. He has this wonderful plan in place for our lives, and He is weaving it. But at times it is painful and confusing to us, even though He knows what He is making.

This is where we must trust, no matter how hard or painful it may be, in the Sovereign hand of God. We must truly remember that He will never leave us or forsake us.

It took me a little while to digest but God really has taught me a lot from this experience. He brought a true clarity to my life of where I was heading and what my passion was. He has brought me back to Greenville with such an intensified fervor, knowing the places God has called me to, and the people I am to invest in.

Wherever you are at in life, trust in His Sovereign hand. Trust that even though you can’t quite see what He is creating, that He is creating something wonderful.