Never out of Sight

Somedays, I just really am a terrible Christian. I run from God and run from His love. I let my flesh rule. I let my guard down. And sometimes I feel I have just run “too” far. But He never stops pursuing. And this is why I have hope.

The more and more that I mature as a Christian, the more I realize how much I am utterly sinful. How many times I try to wander from God. I used to feel “guilty” when I sinned. Like I was an utter failure. And I would feel depressed. 
Now when I sin, I look back expecting the Lord to be disappointed. I expect Him to be shaking His head in disgust because that is how I usually expect most people to react, including the Lord.
But when I look back, head down, ready to face His disappointment and anger, He lifts my face, and there His grace pours down upon my life.

He says, “You were never out of my sight. I have a hold on you. I have promised to never leave you or forsake you and I always keep My promises. This covenant I have made with you, I have sealed with my blood.”

I’m not sure where you are today. Maybe you had an awesome day and you felt like you were hitting on all cylinders, or maybe you really fell short of the mark.

You may feel like you are too far gone, too far out of sight. But God knows where you are. Stop running. Turn back to the love of the Father. Turn to the love of the Father for the first time.

The Lord is pursuing you, and He will not let you go. Trust Him. Lean on Him. Love Him. He is a good good Father.