Update from Camp # 2: Day of Rest Reflections

Today was my first off day of Summer 2014 at Camp Ridgecrest. It allowed me to recharge and get reenergized for the next half of the session. Let me tell you a little bit of what God has shown me so far in this first session of camp.

1. He has shown me why I’m here:
On Monday night we went on our first campout as a tribe. It was a fun time of getting to know the guys and setting up camp and eating our packet meals (for those of you who don’t know, a packet meal is food that is mixed together and wrapped in aluminum foil and put on a blazing fire to cook through). Later that night nearing sunset, me and my co counselor and my kids headed down to the look out, where you could see out over all the mountains and see the sun setting. In that time we shared our testimonies and then I shared a verse from Colossians 1. It was talking about Jesus being before all things and how He held all things together. And me and the kids are just staring out over the lookout and marveling at God’s creation and at how even though He is so big and we are so small, He still wants us to come to Him and have a relationship with Him. It was awesome, that time of silence and meditation, feeling the presence of the Lord there with us and with those kids. That’s when I realized why I was here this summer.

2. He has shown me I’m weak in my own strength:
I love my kids, but at times they can exhaust me. I realize that I need time alone, time to recharge, like days off. I need to realize that before I deal with my kids, that I must meet with the Lord. He is the only one that can give me the strength and love for these kids.

3. He has shown me that these kids look up to me:
I may not have realized it when I started, but I do now. These kids look up to me. They love wearing my hat and glasses and love asking me questions and hanging out with me. Even last night as I told them today was my day off they said that they loved me and were gonna miss me today. Such great kids.

4. He has shown me the uniqueness of each kid in my cabin:
I’ve been blessed with all kinds of kids in my cabin. Athletic, smart, funny. They are all different and all unique. It has really dawned on me how amazingly creative God was in making them. They enjoy different things, they function in different ways. They are all great kids.

5. He has shown me that camp gives kids a chance to succeed:
Something I’ve really seen in Camp Ridgecrest is that it gives these boys confidence in things that they might not have had confidence in before. It gives each one the opportunity to understand that not everyone is a winner, but that God has gifted each one with the ability to succeed no matter what skills or talents they. Camp shows kids that God can use them, each and every one of them.

Until the next post about camp.


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