God’s Strength is Greater Than Ours

One of the greatest lessons as a believer that we can learn is that our strength is nothing compared to God’s. We can go somewhat far, but at some point, our strength fades and our dependence has to be put on something that is immovable and unshakable. This strength comes from the presence of the Lord. This became very evident in my life in the last week.

Last week I became a training that was one of the toughest things I have ever done. Lifeguard training.

The first day, the weather was overcast, the water was freezing. Thus it began. After swimming four laps in 50-60 degree waters, I pulled myself exhausted, dizzy up onto the concrete dock. I just sat there completely exhausted, already thinking to myself “I’m done.” But after 15 minutes of sitting dizzy on the dock, leaning over the side, puking into the water, I gathered the strength to move onto my next few tasks.

My next task was to dive down to the bottom of the lake, 18 feet down and grab a handful of dirt. So I dove down and I just kept swimming and swimming. It felt like forever, but I was determined to not return to the surface without my handful of dirt. To my relief, my hand finally touched the bottom and grasped into the muddy ground. I came back up and moved on to the next thing.

The next thing I was to do was to go to the bottom of the lake and pull up a forty pound dummy and I was able to do that really without much problem. The rest of the first day was filled with learning techniques of saving victims.

The second day was a lot more chill and I was feeling better about the whole lifeguarding. This was until after lunch. After lunch we did a missing person search for the dummy. We had to search a 30 foot radius for the dummy, diving down constantly and then coming up and having to tread water. This went on for about 30 minutes and we still had not found the dummy. But after the instructor gave us a hint, the 20 people training to be lifeguards finally found the dummy under the floating dock. But this killed everyone’s energy. By the end of the day, we were all exhausted.

The last little bit of that day, we learned techniques of how to save victims that were dealing with head and neck injuries. A few of the techniques I just really struggled with. I got super upset because I couldn’t do it and I kept trying over and over.

The last day was the test. I was super upset and frustrated over my week. As I was walking down to the dock, I almost stopped and turned around and gave up. As I was thinking about how I had come this far, I proceeded down to the dock. I knew the Lord would give me the strength I needed to be a lifeguard if this was His will.

So I got in the water. The first three skills I did without any problem. But the fourth technique was the one I had struggled with the past day. I got in the water, thinking this was gonna be the one that broke me. As I waded out I prayed that the Lord would give me the strength. As I came in, I positioned my body, and to my amazement, I was able to do it! I was so happy when it came so naturally that I knew the Lord had brought me through.

All the frustration and anxiety was over. I was a certified lifeguard.

At times in our lives we will face adversity that is great, too great for us. But not too great for God. The Lord supplied me with the strength I needed to perform a task I thought I was incapable of completing. But that’s what the Lord does. He surprises us and shows us that we can do things that we never thought we could do because He is our strength.

This test of faith and stepping out into adversity showed me that the Lord is faithful. He will equip us to do whatever He has called us to do!


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