An Update from Camp

Well I have now been up at Camp Ridgecrest for a week and a half. It has been a new experience for me and at times, a challenging one. But the Lord has grown me a lot.

Being up at camp is so peaceful. Just being able to walk through the woods in the morning, or swim around in the lake, I just feel the Holy Spirit so thick. There seems to be no distractions, no temptations, even though I know they are still there.

After being there for only a little while, some things have really jumped out to me about this camp. First of all, its filled with men that love the Lord and love to serve one another. Its such a new concept to me. Last Saturday we started getting camp ready for the campers to get here. We started raking leaves from all over the camp. And then it started raining. And the work, that was already tough, became even harder. But instead of complaining and griping about the rain, the guys at this camp, took joy in the rain. Actually, it became probably the most fun afternoon of “work” that I have ever had. And it was hard. Those tarps, filled with wet leaves, were so heavy, but the Lord gave us strength and joy. I never really realized before that you could have joy even in work and service. Camp has taught me that.

Another thing I have clearly seen at camp is excitement. Excitement and joy not only in the “fun” things, but joy in the things like meetings and going over campus rules and policies. There is just an overwhelming excitement in every song that is sung, every meeting that is had. And its so refreshing. Its so contagious. You want to be tired and not happy about all the meetings you have to go to, but you can’t help to laugh or get excited about the ways that the information that is given by the upper staff. Creativity is a huge resource of camp that leads to excitement.

Another thing I just really enjoy is that through everything we do, we are constantly reminded by the staff, why we are preparing and why we are doing “everything” that we are doing. Before we do anything, we are reminded that this summer is for God to work through us to share His love with the kids that will come through our camp doors.

At camp there is this community that is just so evident and a brotherhood that is not so easily broken. You do life with guys your age and younger and older. You are surrounded by godly men that are pushing you to keep going, try new things, step out of your comfort zone and be the leader that God has called you to be this summer. They are your back bone, your accountability, your strength. But its not by their human strength, but through the love of Christ pouring through them.

Its crazy that soon kids will be getting here on Sunday. I’ve already been on a campout, been certified as a lifeguard, been through many hours of training and instruction, and met many awesome friends. I ask for your prayers as me and my co-counselor Dave and the other counselors at camp meet these kids, who a lot of them, need Jesus. Pray that we would be given the strength to love these kids with the love of Christ. That we would be patient and show these kids that there is hope in the world.

I hope to post updates after each session of what the Lord is teaching me and doing this summer at Camp Ridgecrest.


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