A Rant about True Love

True love is knowing that we are worthless and dirty, and that nothing in and of ourselves warrants God to love us. But He did, and does love us with an everlasting love. A love that is so passionate and powerful that it can’t be contained. A love so amazing that it died on the cross for us in the form of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. A love that is so abundant that it is spread throughout the whole world in the hearts of believers, only to flow out more and more everyday into the world and into the brokenness of our sins.

 Our momentary loneliness if we are single, cannot compare to the everlasting, ever flowing, never ending, un-tainted love of Father God. He is the creator and perfector of love. His love shut Adam and Eve out of the Garden, so that they would not be eternally damned. His love is hope and purpose and joy and peace. His love is not bound by time or space or people. His love is not passive, it is active. He is actively loving us everyday, despite our constant non-reciprocal attitude of not wanting to love Him back. Despite of all that, His love remains. His love is patient. He waits for us and pursues us, His bride. His love is kind. It bandages our wounds, it heals our brokenness. His love overcomes hate, it overcomes evil. It even overcame the grave.

The greatest sacrifice ever known to man, came in the form of a helpless baby, preserved in the body of a perfect man, and perfected in the bruised and beaten bloodied body of a risen Savior. Death could not hold love, love overcame death. Love overcame sin. Love was so great that it was despised and rejected, spit upon and mocked. Love was brought so that those hating and mocking and spitting and cursing, would be forgiven of their ways, that they may be given eyes to see and ears to hear. Love said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” Love became nothing so that we may have life. Love took the sins of everyone on His shoulders, sins that He didn’t commit.

So as humans, we have no clue. We think we understand love. We thinks its about chocolates, cards, letters, and poetry. But true love didn’t speak, it acted. True love didn’t make empty promises, it delivered. Humans think love is about finding “the one” but until we understand who “The One” Jesus Christ is, and what He has done, we won’t understand love. And how could we? How could we look at a world full of hate and lust and perversion and see that their is love in all of that. Because the world has taken love and they’ve twisted it and melted it, into what they would have it to be. Love is not sacred anymore. Love is tainted, bruised and scorned.

Love is not the world says it is. The world does not define what love is, only Jesus Christ can do that. Only the author and perfector of love, can do that. Maybe you’ve been abused and miss-used and torn down and abandoned. Maybe your view of love is based on the world says it is. Don’t listen to their lies, don’t allow them to trick you into believing in a “feeling” as Disney calls it. That one is not out there. There is no human being that can take away all your pain, all your problems, and whisk you away to a far off fairy tale. Love is not a Disney movie, love is a choice. Love is messy and anger-filled, cursing latent. But love is love right? Wrong. Our example, our standard, the bar that was set on how we should love and experience love is through the example of Jesus Christ. “He became sin, who knew no sin, to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” Love cleanses, washes deeper than we want to be washed. Love hurts and stings and breaks and builds up.

Sorry for this rant. So many people though need to hear though, because every time they look outside their window they think that one day, that “one” will come and fix everything. Their hope is skewed, their trust is misplaced, only the love of Jesus can truly show us true love and true grace. So I pray that if you’re listening and reading this today that you’d put your hope and trust in an everlasting, unfailing love, only something this great and big could have come from above.

-Happy Valentines Day, ya’ll,
God bless.

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