Unwanted by the World; Cherished by Jesus: A K-Story: Part 1

This semester I have been blessed with an opportunity to serve and witness to an un-reached people group. Their names are the Kurds. They are a Muslim group that is located just thirty minutes away in a town called Simpsonville. This is the first blog of a series I call: Unwanted by the World, Cherished by Jesus. This blog series will hopefully give you insight into the Kurd’s world and what they believe. I hope to document what happens as we find people of peace to talk to about the gospel. Telling their stories, telling our stories, telling God’s story. I hope that this encourages you to reach out to other groups in your community to share and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Saturday was our first official meeting. I was excited but anxious not knowing what to expect. I had never worked with Muslims before. We started off with a time of welcome and just getting to know one another. Then we launched into a time of worship. It was powerful. I could see the Holy Spirit working through each other’s hearts and the words we sang to Him. After a time of worship, we went around and heard how God had brought these different people for many different reasons but He brought them all, none the less. As we finished hearing about the vision of the group and the vision of our mission, we began to pray.

We began to ask the Lord Jesus for guidance and knowledge in knowing how we were to approach them. We began to ask Him for selflessness and humbleness as we went into these people’s homes. We prayed for unification in the group and I began to see this unfolding with my own eyes. God was bringing our group together, as we laid everything at His throne. We were college students, but we would not let anyone look down on us because of our youth. We would be examples of God’s grace, love, compassion. We continued praying and praying and praying. The Holy Spirit wrapped His presence around our group. We prayed for the Kurdish people, for God to start working on their hearts in that moment. We prayed for continual preparation and guidance and then we ended.

I don’t know what God has in store for this year. I don’t know what God will do through us eight (or more) college students. We are learning to trust Him though. He has called us to be lights and aromas of grace. He has equipped and is equipping us to do what He has called us to do.

I ask for your prayers as we set out on this endeavor.

-Pray for us by name: Joseph, Rebekah, Paola, David, James, Israel, Forrest, Renee, Brad. (May add more names later)
-Pray that God prepares their hearts to hear the message.
-Pray that God is the center of our mission and that the focus is never on one of us.
-Pray for protection and peace for us.
-Pray for God’s blessings on this ministry.
-Pray that everyday we are sharing the love of Christ, outside of what we are doing with the Kurds.
-Pray for humbleness and love within our group.
-Pray for no rivalries to come up.
-Pray for protection from the attacks of the enemy.
-Pray for overseas and out of state mission trips to come later in the year.

There are so many other things you can be praying about that I just can’t put my mind around right now. In the words of Derek Carr, Fresno State’s Quarterback, after Friday’s win against Boise: “I don’t know what God has planned but whatever it is, I’m down.” Pray for us to have this attitude of humbleness and complete openness to the Spirit’s call on each one of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Unwanted by the World; Cherished by Jesus: A K-Story: Part 1

  1. Bless you! It's exciting to hear how God is reaching people of other races and religions. God's love knows no bounds. May the Lord Jesus Christ direct your heart into God's love and Christ's perseverance as you seek to reach out.


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