Angry and Judgemental Christians

This evening as I was looking through some posts on my google plus homepage, I came across a post that was disappointing.

I heard on fox news this morning that atheist couple wants to remove God from the Pledge of allegiance in schools. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think it is time us Christians put up a fight for God. I am angry to even think that the Atheist and Muslins and others want God out of our country. I say Atheist need to read the word of God and know what is in store for them if they don’t change their way of believing. Some day when they stand at Judgment of the Great White Throne Judgment they will wish they had given their life to Christ. Every time one screams remove God the Christians need to get bold and fight back with the word of God. I don’t know about other Christians but to me every time one starts complaining about God in our schools and take God off our currency they are going to have the worst wrath of God upon them , And it’s time this country takes a stand to keep God in our country. This makes me angry…… And futher more I intend to start a Pledge to keep God in our country.. If you Agree please share this post and Lets start a special prayer Day once a week on Fridays to take 30 minutes out of our day to pray for God to take America Back… Amen??????

Ok some of you may not understand why this post is upsetting. You may have even posted something like this before yourself. What is wrong you ask? What is wrong with telling the truth about our nation? Sure, we have walked away from God as a nation. I have a problem with the way that the author of this post delivers it. Anger and condemnation ringing through her voice. Judging them in a way that we as Christians have no right to judge. 

Does our nation need prayer? Absolutely. But condemnation can play no part in that. If we condemn, this world will shut us down. If we come into it, sharing a gospel of love, in anger, the world will shut its ears. The basis of our relationship with Christ is love, not hatred. 

Do none of you remember that Christ reached out to each one of us in love? Do you not remember how Jesus ate lunch with tax collectors, healed the lame and called the prostitutes. He blasted the religious leaders for their condemnation and completely missing the point. 
But God proves<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(A)”> His own love for us<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(B)”> in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! (Romans 5:8)

21 Once you were alienated and hostile in your minds because of your evil actions. 22 But now He has reconciled you by His physical body<sup class="footnote" style="vertical-align: top;" value="[k]”>[k] through His death,<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AK)”> to present you holy, faultless,<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AL)”> and blameless before Him<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AM)”>— 23 if indeed you remain grounded and steadfast in the faith<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AN)”> and are not shifted away from the hope<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AO)”> of the gospel that you heard. This gospel has been proclaimed in all creation<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AP)”> under heaven,<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AQ)”> and I, Paul,<sup class="crossreference" style="vertical-align: top;" value="(AR)”> have become a servant of it. (Colossians 1:21-23)

So before we go out as Christians into the world, to share with them the love of Christ, we need to check our own hearts. My question to you tonight is: Are you sharing with them God’s love or are you sharing your hatred and judgement? God’s love is the only thing that will change hearts, not your hatred or judgement. 

Have a blessed night,

One thought on “Angry and Judgemental Christians

  1. The post you refer to is very sad, but I have read many expressions of such sentiment.

    I agree with you that believers should be ready to share the good news of Jesus instead of declaring war on them. The Father is not the god of hate.


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