Finding My Role in a New Place

Well, I have been at North Greenville now for six days. In those six days, Christ has brought me an abundance of community. I’ve been blessed to already find a church up here and to be living in a house off campus with 14 other guys in a place called the “snake pit.” We’re sort of an unofficial fraternity, because there are no “real fraternities” allowed on campus. God has brought me an awesome freshmen roomate that I now call my brother. He is an encouragement to me and I to him. We have been praying together for about 15 minutes before we go to bed each night, something I have never done before.

This is my first experience living in a house with a bunch of guys. These guys are talented too. A lot of them are singers and play instruments. Some of them are really athletic. And so my question recently has been, “What is my role?” I know God has called me to this house and to this place of community, for this time period, so how do I love these guys? How do I become truly a servant and wash my brothers feet? I’ve been contemplating over this verse that I heard on Sunday.

“Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3)

So I’ve been contemplating on this verse and how it applies to my life right now and it totally applies. I’m a very competitive person and its hard for me to just take a loss or not be frustrated when someone else is better than me at something.

For example, Saturday night I was playing ping pong with some guy I thought was a lot worse than me and I was being so arrogant and then I lost. It does say pride comes before a fall. But it was so stupid. My pride completely just took over.

So I guess in regards to this semester and this year, for me personally I’m learning what it means to be apart of a constant community, which is hard but is great at the same time. Its about loving the guys in the house and seeing them as better than myself. Truly its about being a servant at all times and loving these guys with the sacrificial love of Christ. I’m still learning what my role is in my new community and in my new school but I rest in the fact that my worth and role does not rest in my talents, but in that Christ created me. No matter if I might not be as talented as these other guys in this house, I have a purpose and it is continually being revealed to me as well as my role.

Have a blessed night,
Joseph Hulsey. 

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