Final Gatherings

Wow how the summer has just flown. I am now just 4 days away from North Greenville. Starting yesterday, I began to start the process of saying goodbye to Charleston.

Yesterday I stood up in front of my family, my church family. I said thanks for the blessing that they had been in my life and the part that they had played in my salvation. It was awesome as people came up to me afterwards and thanked me for sharing. The body of Christ coming together for encouragement. Even though it was sad to be leaving City Church, I was excited about the community that God would bring me up in Greenville. 
Today I woke up early, 5 am haha and met some guys from the Sunday Bible Study at Isle of Palms. We just sat on the beach and worshiped the Lord for about twenty minutes, singing songs of praise to Him. Then the sun came bursting forth from behind the clouds. It was great and magnificent. 
The Bible Study that had started out last summer had now come full circle as God blessed us this summer with guys who were committed. We had at least four guys every Sunday. It was amazing. So today, as we all sat around, watching the sun rise, we knew this was our last summer in Charleston, for most of us. It was crazy as we were all going different ways, different paths the Lord was taking us. 
Also today I had lunch with one of my good friends from Nicaragua. It was great and refreshing hearing about his summer. I’m looking forward to more of these visits over the last few days of Charleston. 
Overall, it was a great summer of community and encouragement. My next post will be about summer lessons and scriptures that I have come across this summer.



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