Victory Letters

The apostle Paul was a great writer and a great man of encouragement. He wrote tons and tons of letters to churches encouraging them to continue to follow the path the Lord had laid out for them. He wrote letters from his jail cell for crying out loud! I, like Paul am writing some encouraging letters to people this summer. 

As I finished my spring semester this year I had made it, a 2.8. I was so surprised and overcome with joy that a 2.1 had become a 2.8 in just 8 months. As a symbol of winning a championship in my life, that mentally and spiritually I had won, I cut down my basketball goal net. I had seen this played out many times in the NCAA basketball tournament, when a champion was crowned. I was planning on just keeping the net for myself but over the summer the Lord began to teach me a great lesson. He began to show me that this was not just my victory but others as well.
So how do you share a huge victory in your life? Do you have a party, do you send out an email? I didn’t really know how or what to do with sharing the victory. There was so many people, how could I thank them all? Then God gave me a great revelation. He told me to write letters about 30-40 of them, to people, not just here in Charleston, but people from Savannah and others that had influenced me along the way, over my entire life time. It was a big task, as I took one day to pray for who God would have me write letters to. I am almost done with them but it has taken me almost the entire summer. 
Also so that people could have something tangible and feel a part of the victory, I am attaching a piece of basketball net with each letter. We are all a part of a team, the body of Christ. We need to share our victories with one another, professing and testifying to the goodness and faithfulness of Christ. I believe that by sharing victory and encouragement with others, it helps those that are struggling, to remember a past time where the Lord’s presence was just so real. It really brings encouragement and can make a huge difference. I mean you really never know what God will use for His glory and furthering of His kingdom. 
I encourage you all to share your victories with others in your life. It will truly bless others, even if you never see or hear about it. As iron sharpens iron, lets encourage one another today by sharing the blessings and victories of our own life with our fellow brothers and sisters and the world. 

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