Trampoline of Grace

Last summer I took a trip to Nicaragua. It was filled with joy, new adventure, victories and healing. When I came back though I struggled. I fell on my face again and again, struggling with past memories and sins. Through a cd and a cool image, God truly gave me a reminder, that no matter how many times I fall face down, there is grace, His grace.

I was on my way downtown to set up my fall classes. I was tired and frustrated. So I popped in the cd that my Christian counselor had given me before I went on the trip. I had listened to it, somewhat half asleep on the plane ride over to Nicaragua. So I popped it in and headed downtown. The name of the sermon was called, “Bouncing Back.”

The pastor began to reminisce on the cd about a past mission trip he had gone on. It had been a very frustrating time when he was expecting great victories. One night after being back from the mission trip, he began to have a vision. In the vision he was watching a movie on the television. He was also though in the movie as one of the characters. In the movie, him and a darkly dressed figure were on top of a cliff, fighting. The darkly dressed figure was ramming himself into the man, pushing him closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. The man fought valiantly to get away from the edge but eventually with one last thrust, the dark figure threw the man off the cliff. In the vision, the pastor saw himself falling and thought, “He’s dead.” The pastor falling through the air, thought to himself, “I’m dead.” He hit the ground but instead of being shoved into the ground, he experienced something catching him, as he shot back into the air, landing back on the cliff, now looking down at the dark figure. The dark figure was completely confused. The man rushed down violently and knocked out the dark figure. Wondering how he was still alive he looked over the edge of the cliff. What he saw amazed him. As He looked out over the cliff, stretching as far as his eye could see, was a trampoline with the word, Grace.

I almost laughed/burst into tears when I heard that. God was showing me through this crazy analogy that His love stretched farther than I could see. His grace would pick me up day after day, bouncing me back up, one day at a time.


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