Holding my hands as I Hold His Cup

All of us have a place in the church, the body of Christ. For a long time I found it very hard to find my place. I was a new Christian and I wanted to be involved. I tried many areas but not many fit. Then I heard about the communion team. I didn’t think that was the area for me at first. Besides weren’t the people that served communion ushers in the church, holy people? That’s what I thought originally but now I know differently.

This past fall I started serving communion. That first Sunday I was so worried of what others would think of me serving communion, those that knew my past. As I walked to the front I was shaking. I was handed the cup serving the grape juice. I started my walk back towards the back. I felt the cold, cool surface of the cup grasped in my trembling hands. Just then I felt hands underneath my hands. It was Jesus’s hands. As I tried to hold back tears, Jesus began to speak to me. He said, “This is where I want you son. I want you to look into people’s eyes and give them the hope that you have received yourself. You will not go through this alone, I will be there holding your hands as you hold My cup.”

I was a very prideful person at the time, still can be at times. I thought I would have a lot of pride in myself but as soon as the words “this is Christ’s blood” all the pride left. I knew that this was an honor to be up there, holding His Cup. Not by anything I did, but because of His grace, I was holding His cup.

Now a year later, on most Sundays, I am down at City Church in Downtown Charleston, Sc. It has been truly a blessing to be able to serve the Lord’s supper to share His love that partake in it. Just looking into people’s eyes and sharing with them the words of victory and hope, not my words, but Jesus Christ’s.

Blessings ya’ll,


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