From Good to Best

Its such a hard thing to leave a good thing, a thing that has been working so well. When we left Savannah, Georgia, four years ago, everyone was scratching their heads, including well, us. But as my Mom always says, “When you know that you know that you know God has told you to do something or go somewhere, you can trust Him completely and go.” Moving to Charleston, seemed crazy, ridiculous, foolish but God did a work in it. Though no one understood or could see it, God was moving us from a good thing to the best thing. Behind the scenes God was working in mysterious ways that allowed me to finally open my eyes to see His great love.  

God though wants to take us from a good thing to the best thing. He wants to take us from a comfortable place to a place sometimes where we are out of our comfort zone but a place where the blessing is greater. That is something that I am experiencing at the moment.

The last year and a half in Charleston has been great. There has been a lot of restoration, redemption, freedom. I have a lot of community of here, brothers, sisters, family. I have been involved at this church here too, serving on the communion team, sharing in life groups. I have a job and good pay. I have accountability and protection. In December though, I felt the Lord calling me from this familiar place and moving me to a new, foreign place.

In December when I visited North Greenville University I felt like this was the new place that I was to continue my journey at. I was scared, worried, doubting a lot and questioning. Why would God take me from such a place of blessing and new birth, to a place that is foreign? A place where I hardly know anyone. I believe that it is truly to move on to this next best place God has in store for me.

So in August I leave this place of total accountability, sisters, brothers, family to go to the next place of blessing. As the Lord has showed me over the last year and a half and looking back over my lifetime, He will be with me. God has already taken care of a lot of things up there. I’ll be taking off my training wheels and the comfort of familiar things and traveling to a new place, a place of new blessing. Sort of like Abraham, I am leaving my home and moving to a land flowing with milk and honey, the next best place along my journey.

Maybe you’re struggling with this same decision. You may be asking yourself if you are ready for such a task or journey. I was surely doubting that in my myself a few months ago. I learned though that God doesn’t wait for us to be ready. We just have to jump and know that He will catch us. We can have assurance that this next best place for us is truly the next step in our journey with the Lord. This is something that is going to build our trust in God, it surely has for me. So if your struggling today with that decision, know that this is hard. It is hard to leave all you’ve known, or a place of familiarity. Just like Abraham though, we must pack our things and get ready for this next step. It will not be easy, the whole process and waiting and praying, but you have someone who you can trust wholeheartedly in your decision, Jesus Christ. It may seem folly to the world, what you are doing, even to some of your friends or family like it was for us leaving Savannah, but in the end God knows better than we do what He is truly doing and going to accomplish through us and our obedience to these next steps.


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