The Silent Lamb

Jesus road through the streets. People were shouting “Hosanna, Hosanna” to the King. Jesus knew though that these praises would not last. He knew these people would abandon Him, even His closest followers who had been with Him for years would desert Him. One of the followers would even hand Him over to the Pharisees for a cash prize. He would be tried for a crime He was innocent of, He would not speak up. This had to be done. There was no other way. He would be traded for a murderous criminal, but He would not speak up, He would not defend Himself. He would be beaten and then His hands nailed to a cross. He would have a crown of thorns placed upon His head. He would be paraded in front of everyone, mocked, spit upon. He was the God of the Universe, He could stop this at nonsense at any minute, but He didn’t. He would be so weak that someone would have to help carry His cross. The weakness, the absolute utter humility He would show. He was the God of the Universe. He could call down an army of angels to stop this madness or with a word kill all these people but He didn’t. They placed the cross into the ground. He would look down and see the soldiers drawing lots over His clothes. Above Him was the sign “The King of the Jews.” Mockery, complete mockery. It must be done though. He would be placed in between two criminals. The people down below would say to Him, “if you are the Son of God, come down from the cross.” He wouldn’t budge though. His father’s eyes would turn away from Him as He took the entire sins of the world. Completely alone, no one to turn to. He would bear all the sins of the world on His shoulders. He would get thirsty and be offered vinegar. He was a King, the King of King, the Lord of Lords. He didn’t move, He didn’t speak, He hung there, feeling the pain that an ordinary man feels, feeling the loneliness that every man experiences. He was God in man form. He would cry out to those who mocked Him and spit upon Him, “It is finished.” He would ask His Father for forgiveness for those who mocked Him and cursed Him. He would die for the sins of the world, bearing every past, present, and future sin on His shoulders. He would be the greatest sacrifice of all time, freeing people from the shackles of sin and death. He would pave a road to joy and freedom. His death was hard, His death was for you and for me. 
As you go throughout this week remember the pain that Jesus experienced on our behalf. Remember how He sacrificed everything to come to earth, leaving Heaven and all its glories to be our Silent lamb.
Have a blessed Easter week ya’ll,

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