Giving Me Words

Before I became a follower of Christ I struggled over my words. They just never flowed or made much sense. I usually stumbled over them and struggled to get points across. Last year though, a few weeks after surrendering to Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I prayed a prayer. I stood in front of a group of people, my Bible study group. Every week a different person would get up and share in front of the whole group what they had been getting each week from their reading. So I got up, trembling almost and began to pray. That week I had read about Moses telling the Lord that he couldn’t speak, and to get Aaron to speak. So I started my prayer, “God give me the words that you gave Moses to speak.” So I stood up and the Lord filled me with His words. “Before last week, I didn’t believe in a living word” I began. Throughout that speech everything was clear, confidence filled me, forgiveness soaked through my words.

That prayer I thought was just for that night, but it wasn’t. That prayer has become my life. In moments when I needed words, I was given them. Words that I knew hadn’t come from my mouth. Words so woven together and smooth that they got my point across. Today was one of those days that God’s words and confidence filled me and it was amazing and great.

Today I was supposed to do a presentation for my ethics class, group style. We had been assigned it over spring break and we hadn’t got together as a group to plan it out. We’re not lazy, no other group did either. I got up to the front of the room in front of twenty glaring eyes. My heart began pounding, faster and faster. Then I prayed to calm my spirit and give me the confidence to do this presentation. It happened. The confidence came and it went great. I even involved the group and we all had equal parts. I became the facilitator and even got the ethics professor involved. By the end there was clapping and affirmation. The Lord made that presentation flow like a river.

I know that whenever I feel overwhelmed and not sure what to say, the Lord will continue to give me the words to say. Words that are His and not mine. I know I can count on it and I always will.

Have a blessed day ya’ll,

2 thoughts on “Giving Me Words

  1. I hear ya, Joseph. I, as well, would never have considered myself a writer or public speaker, but the Lord give me the strength and what has happened has been amazing. Much like your story. It is not I, but Christ who lives within me.


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