Spirit Filled Poems/Songs

I truly enjoy writing. I know God has given me this gift and from a fairly young age I’ve enjoyed it. Sometimes though, God places on my heart poems or songs. Today was one of those days. I just want to share with you a couple of poems/songs the Lord has given me over the last year of walking with Him. 

Rescued-Written August 29th,2012

Climbing, Climbing, 
The rocks my hands reach for are falling down. 
Falling, Falling.
The good works I based my life on, are tumbling to the ground. 
I can see the light pouring out through the opening, if only I could make it to the top. 
I want to reach the light but I’m stumbling. 
Yeah I’m stumbling through this darkness.
I want to experience the light outside of this pit.
But because of my pride I keep trying to climb, trying to climb on my own.
 The harder I try, the more the rocks beneath my feet and the rocks my hands grasp, give way.
Now I’m in the bottom of this pit, trying to just stay alive.
My body’s cut and bruised and I’m dying. 
The light seems so far away.
The voices around me tell me I’m worthless, nothing but a fool.
Yes I’m dying in this pit.
Yes I’m dying in this pit.
Darkness surrounds me, my last breaths are fading.
With my final breaths I cry out, Jesus help me, Jesus help me.
I’m tired of living in this pit and I want to experience the light. 
And at that moment, a mighty rushing wind and fire came down into the pit. 
And a hand reached out and grabbed me.
Away from the voices of death and the voices of condemnation.
And it pulled me through the darkness and soon I saw the light.
I burst forth from the darkness and experienced the light.
The hand put me down on the ground and said, “You are free. You are free. In the name of Jesus Christ you are free.”
As I looked around, all I saw was hope and purpose. 
The life that once brought me death and depression, is now bringing me joy and peace and rest.
Thank you Jesus, Lord and Savior.
You heard my cry and helped me in my distress.
Thank you Jesus, and now forever I will praise and worship Your Holiness. 
With One-Written February 27th, 2013

With one word You heal us and with one hand You lift us up.
With one breath You breathe into us and with one voice You speak to us.
With one cross You saved and redeemed us and with one body You were beaten and torn apart.
With one crown of thorns You were mocked and spit upon and with one cry You lifted Your Spirit up.
With one resurrection You defeated the enemy and with one triumphant departure from the tomb, You set the prisoner free. 
With one act of love You freed us from our sins.
You gave us one hope, one purpose, all from the One, Jesus.
Jesus You’re the One, the only one for me. 
In my darkness You knew You were the only One for me.
You’re the only One Jesus, You’re the One who set me free. 
Thank you Jesus for doing this all for me.
You’re the only One who could set my spirit free. 
Have a blessed day,

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