Wrestling and Surrendering

Something inside me always seems to want to fight what I’m told because I don’t trust or agree with the authority. Whether it be my parents or teachers or managers I’m usually thinking differently. When it comes to God its sometimes even worse. I feel like Jacob sometimes wrestling with God and not letting Him go until He gives me that answer. Today was something like that. 
I came into work tired after a rigorous, grueling week of school. I didn’t wanna be there and i was tired of the customers snide comments. I was ready to move jobs and get out of this world. I wanted to go into my holy huddle with my fellow Christians and just shut out this world. God just then though brought to mind something from the following weekend. 
Over the weekend a guy from the retreat told me about encountering a coworker of mine a couple years ago. She began to tell him about something her mother had told her. So he asked me to pray for her. So I have been and today I came up to her and did something I’ve never done. 
I came up to this lady and told her what I had heard. Then I began tell her about curses and how some things that people say can put a curse on us without even knowing it. So I repeated what I had heard my christian counselor say before. “I renounce this curse in the name of Jesus Christ.” As I repeated those words the tears began to flow from her eyes and I could feel the curse being lifted from her. I went on to encourage her with the facts that Jesus loved her and that He had great plans for her life.
In that moment I knew I was supposed to stay in my job, to continue to lift curses off of people in the name of Jesus Christ. He was the only one that could lift the curses off people but I was His empty vessel that He would use. Even as I wrestled with Christ against not doing what He wanted me to do, I knew exactly that He wanted me to continue to work at this place. So I surrendered once again to his plans and His plans are the best. 
Have a blessed night ya’ll,

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