Indescribable Blessing

Wow what a weekend it has already been. I have been up at the Litchfield beach and golf resort for a men’s retreat with my church and it truly has been incredible. The whole weekend’s lessons have been on discipleship and walking through life with others with the strength and power of Jesus Christ. Today I got a chance to really participate in discipleship.

Today in the afternoon we were split up into teams and sent off to various areas of need. My group went to a home for troubled boys. All I wanted to do was to play basketball but God had way different, radical plans in mind.

Me and a friend came racing down the hill on our longboards, only to be met by some early age teenagers. One of them caught my attention; his name was Kyle. Kyle was a thirteen year old boy who had been expelled from various schools for stealing money from his teachers and cursing at them. Kyle took me all over his home showing me his room and the places that he liked to hang out at. Kyle told me about his favorite sports teams and his favorite activities. He likes the Celtics and loves to sing. One of his fellow friends at the home says he can sing better than Justin Beiber. He showed me the songs he wrote, and they were great.

Kyle is a good kid thrown into a bad situation with his parents being divorced and his dad physically abusing him as a boy. As we sat on the end of a dock at the home he began to tell me, “I don’t tell a lot of people this but I don’t ever get packages or letters.” He went on to explain that all the kids at the home got packages weekly but he never did. Tears began to form in my eyes because I understood what that loneliness and rejection, being cast aside feels like. Then he began to tell me, “I’ve been praying that one day God would give me an older brother. I want someone who will fight for me and stick up for me and someone who will take me to the movies.” In that moment I felt a really strange crazy feeling. “Well,” I said to him, “Today God has answered your prayers.” It was crazy. How could I keep this relationship with this younger kid, my new little brother, when I lived an hour and a half away in Charleston. But I knew this little kid needed someone in his life. I also promised him a long board that I didn’t know how I was going to afford.

“There are two things I want you to know,” I began to say to him as my feet dangled over the dock. “I want you to know that God has created you and that He has a plan and a purpose for your life. Secondly you will never be alone because God will always be there.” So I left this kid with only the promises I had made and a silver dollar that he had given me to remember him by. I left stunned by what had just happened. This was only the beginning though of what God was going to do.

Tonight I got up and shared about what Christ had done and God moved. I felt guilty about promising something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do but God was steadfast and moving strongly through the situation. Throughout the night, men from the retreat gave business cards and money and prayer and longboards for not only Kyle but also the other kids. I have 802 dollars, a free longboard and also a man who said he would buy the longboards himself for these kids. Holy Cow! God is amazing. His mercy is unfailing. His promise never fails. All I had was an idea from the Lord and He is fulfilling every single part of it. He has provided everything and more.

I’m truly overwhelmed at the moment by this indescribable blessing. God blesses our steps of faith in more abundant ways than we could ever realize! Glory and Honor be to the only wise King, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

A miracle happened today in Myrtle Beach, Sc. The miracle of men fighting and surrendering themselves before the Lord and giving as they have received. A miracle that God could use to change a lonely boys broken life. A boy that was thrown into the midst of adversity. A talented thirteen year old boy named Kyle.

Have a great and blessed night everyone,

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