Victory doesn’t always feel Victorious

Last night I had dinner with a brother of mine. He was telling me about all these things that God had been doing in his life, and then I began to tell him what had happened to me in the last three weeks. I shared with him my victories but they felt overshadowed by my failures. He was filled with joy and I was exhausted and frustrated. For some reason though I went to Wednesday night worship with him. 
As we stood there before the service I was still frustrated and honestly didn’t know why I was even there. While I was standing there though God began to work on my heart. He began to show me what victory really was, that sometimes victory doesn’t look like victory should. Sometimes a victory is falling down, because every time you fall down, you learn. Most importantly falling down makes you look up to God. 
Last night I was reminded that our sins and falling flat on our face helps us look to God. If God just took away every struggle and every failure, we wouldn’t need Him. Our constant failing reminds us that we need God more than ever to pick us up and carry us through this life that is filled with brokenness, frustration, and pain. God is there to teach us in our struggle, to grow us in trials, and carry us through pain. Even as Christians we are still human. We are not perfect and never will be, and we will always need that constant reminder that we need God. 
So last night I got that reminder: that even when I fall, I can look up. I can look up to a God that loves me; A God that died for my sins, and His blood covers my every fall. Last night I learned that sometimes the greatest victory takes place from the ground when we look up to King of Kings, and He picks us up and dusts us off, and sets us back on this great, adventurous path He has set before us. 
Keep getting back up with the strength of our King Jesus Christ.
Joseph Hulsey. 

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