Rejoicing in a New Creation

Earlier today I wrote a blog about planting a seed. Tonight I experienced what it was like to see a seed reaped. God reaped the seed in my friend’s life last night and he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

As I listened to the voice mail that he had left me, I was overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving. I thanked God for revealing Himself to my friend, for allowing me to be a part of this process. God pulled me out of my  own darkness and then gave me this friend to show His love to. I was so overwhelmed at first. Didn’t even know where to begin with him but throughout the year God showed me what to do. It all just started with giving my time and spending time getting to know him. God used my friendship to show him that God loved him, and what exactly a life changed by the Lord looks like.

As this semester started I knew the Lord wanted me to be more intentional with my life, and really do intentional ministry the rest of this year. And last night I knew it was time to really tell my friend about Jesus Christ and explain to him how much the Lord loved him. God used me last night to share with him the gospel and then just to back away, and let the Lord reveal Himself to him. Well last night God did just that, and I’m just so blessed that I had the opportunity to see the before and after of a life changed by Christ.

I was beyond happy when I heard the news. I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness and as I drove home I thought to myself, “If this is the only person God uses me to reach, then I would be okay with that, because God used me, an empty vessel, to bring a friend to Him. This will change this guy’s life, and ever since he poured out his heart to the Lord last night, he has become a new creation.

Tonight I’m reminded how God specializes in the crazy and the impossible.
Tonight I’m speechless and overwhelmed by God’s goodness.
Tonight I’m thankful that another life has been changed forever because of the love of Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed night to you all,

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