Sinners in the Hands of a Merciful God

The other day in English our homework was to read Jonathan Edward’s Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. As I read it, I became very angry and upset. Edwards focused on hell and how God was just this angry God but he didn’t focus at all on His grace or love. But as my professor went over it the next day in class, I was showed how merciful that picture or portrayal Edwards put out there really was. In the sermon, one of the main points is the picture of this spider dangling over a fire. Edwards sees us as that spider. That just like a human holding a spider in their hands, with the ability to crush it with no effort at all, this is just like how God could crush us if He wanted. And that is ultimately what our fate is. We are in His hands. We are sinners, terrible, horrible sinners, that God could just crush with the blink of an eye or a wave of His hands. But He keeps us from Hell, His hands hold us as we dangle over hell, and at any time, God could remove His hands and let us fall. But He doesn’t. He gives us chance after chance. That even though God is a perfect, Holy God, He allows us to live on in sin, even letting evil people reign on this earth. He even allows satan to rule this world and tempt us, even though God has already defeated death and the devil. And in that picture of the spider dangling over the fire, it really did show God’s ultimate grace. That God is really so merciful beyond what we can even imagine. He sent His one and only son to take all of our sins, past, present, future, as our sacrifice, to justify us before God. Jesus, a sinless, Holy God, took all our sins, on Himself on the cross, and gave us passage to Him through His death and resurrection. He died for everyone, knowing that not everyone would choose Him, but He died anyways. In a horrific, terrible, painful way, He died, knowing that people would curse Him and reject His love. But He gives us so many chances to accept Him, when He should crush us. We are all sinners and do not deserve what Christ offers, we deserve to be crushed like a spider. And that is Christ’s grace, in that while we were sinners Christ died for us. We don’t deserve His love, but He pours it out on us everyday, every minute. He has offered us the adventure of the lifetime, the abundant life that we can’t obtain without Him. That’s grace, that’s mercy and we don’t deserve any of it.

Have a blessed night ya’ll,

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