More than a friend, Closer than a Brother

The Lord has blessed me with many friends, but only a few can I call brothers. These men have walked with me through hard times in my life, depression, struggles, and life. They have walked by my side, through every thing I’ve gone through.

Last year though a man of God reached out to me from the depths and struggles he faced in his own life and showed me the love of Christ in physical, human form. He reached out to me when no one else could or would, or knew how to. But this man of God loved me as Christ loved me, and we began to talk. We’d do lunch a lot and even began to have conversations after bible study. And he prayed for me, boy did he pray for me. He’d take my calls at 2:00 in the morning when I was angry, and depressed, and defeated, and he would point me to God every time. He has sent me countless encouraging emails, given me endless words of encouragement.

Last January through the love of God and the love of this man of God, I came into a personal relationship with Christ and our relationship took on a whole different meaning. Now we would talk for countless hours about what God was teaching me through His word, what God was doing in each others lives. It was great times of encouragement. Every time we got together I was growing, and God was growing both of us in perfect community with each other and the holy spirit. I know the Lord God brought this man into my life. In February, I got up the courage and felt it was time to tell my new friend and brother, my real testimony that only a few people knew before. I had put it off for such a long time, because I didn’t want to lose my relationship with my brother and for our relationship to become awkward because of the information I was about to share. But I went through with it, choking back tears as I completely emptied myself to this man. Afterwards I expected condemnation and rejection, but the opposite happened, as the love of the father came pouring forth from his spirit. I remember saying, “Now you know how far I’ve come,” and we worshiped right there, in the front seat of my car, praising the Lord, for how far He had brought each one of us.

That night we became closer than brothers, and that night I knew I had someone who could keep me completely accountable. He prayed for me as I shook uncontrollably on the beach and prayed for calming of my spirit before telling my real testimony to my Year Team family. Besides God, he knows me better than anyone, and he knows the old me and the new me. He knew Joe and he now knows Joseph. I am so blessed to have such a great brother in my life. He went with me to Nicaragua this summer and we both were witnesses to God’s promises in our lives. He is amazingly humble and God blessed Him immensely. I know that God has such a huge purpose in his life, but I know God has placed him in my life, and I know that if God’s only purpose was for him to be a blessing in my life, then God will say to him one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” And I’m blessed to have Him in my life.

Love you brother,
I’m glad Christ brought you into my life.

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