Tears of Thanksgiving

Hey ya’ll sorry it has been so long writing a new post. School has been crazy. But even though I’m still busy for school I just wanted to take some time and remember this Thanksgiving.

For awhile in my life, every Thanksgiving, I could never find things to be thankful for. I had no direction in my life and I was confused. But looking back over my life I had plenty of things to be faithful for: Parents that loved me and brought me up in the knowledge of the Lord, people that prayed for my soul for tons of hours, and so much more than I could even think. So now almost a year removed from my confusion, bondage and depression I give thanks. This Thanksgiving I had tons to give thanks for. And here I will try to list what I’ve been thankful for over the last year.

I’m thankful for:
-Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins
-New life in Christ
-Christ reaching into my broken confused life and giving me His life
-My family’s love throughout the whole process
-Restoration among my family
-Healing: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.
-Being apart of Year Team, and the family that I gained from it.
-God’s confirmation in my life
-Hope and Purpose
-Joy and Peace
-Calmness of Spirit that only comes from Jesus Christ
-Friends, real friends
-Brothers and Sisters in Christ that love me
-God’s endless love
-God’s grace
-Healing in my knees and back
-I’m beloved by God
-God chose me to be His minister
-God allows me show His love to others

I’m so blessed to be apart of God’s family, to be His beloved. To be loved with unending love. I’m so blessed to have been pulled out of my grave, and given new life. I finally understood this year what Thanksgiving was all about. Not the turkey or the cranberry sauce. Its about remembering God’s endless grace that He pours out onto my life, every minute of everyday. That Thanksgiving is just one day, but every day is an endless reminder of how much He has done in my life, and I thank Him everyday.

Hope ya’ll all had a blessed Thanksgiving and may God bless you and keep you this Christmas, for us all to remember the greatest gift of all, His son.

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